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  cbc_grad_radio: 'We are not a participating PharmGrad program'
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      contact_name: 'Kimberly Daugherty'
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      contact_title: 'Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Assessment'
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    - ''
  credits_required_for_degree: '52'
  deadline_date: '2021-06-14'
  degree_requiremnts_add_info: ''
  degree_type: M.S.
  delivery_method: Hybrid
  drug_grad_radio: 'We are not a participating PharmGrad program'
  focus_additional_degree_information: 'This program of study enhances clinical pharmacy skills with an emphasis on management and systems thinking. '
  gre_required: ''
  institution_name: 'Sullivan University'
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  pgrad_gre_req: 'No'
  pgrad_ind_jb_plce: '0'
  pgrad_lof_acc: ''
  pgrad_lor_acc: ''
  pgrad_lor_req: 'No'
  pgrad_other_qualifying_exams_or_certifications: Required
  pgrad_oth_cred: ''
  pgrad_oth_jb_plce: '0'
  pgrad_oth_tests: 'Have completed a BS in Pharmacy or PharmD degree or equivalent with eligibility for licensure with the Kentucky and Indiana Boards of Pharmacy as a graduate pharmacy intern or pharmacist'
  pgrad_ovrl_gpa_cons: '2.75'
  pgrad_participation: 'No'
  pgrad_prog_desc: |
    This 12-month program (52 credit hours) is designed for the BS in Pharmacy and PharmD graduates who are eligible for licensure as a graduate pharmacy intern or pharmacist and is interested in post-graduate education. This program of study enhances clinical pharmacy skills with an emphasis on management and systems thinking. The program includes business courses and pharmacy practice based didactic and experientially delivered courses.
    This program is ideal for those pharmacists seeking a residency-like educational experience and are looking to advance their education and place in practice.
    This program of study represents a relatively unique program in that it is designed to provide a residency-like experience with enhanced structure around business and systems thinking elements. Students will be provided the opportunity to engage in enhanced clinical knowledge and experience coupled with a focus on the business aspects of pharmacy including organizational effectiveness, economics and leadership.
    This program will be a mix of online, face-to-face lecture, recitation, mentored project, and experiential education. Completion of this program would help to position the graduate to move directly into a community-based pharmacist position or increase their competitiveness for a first-year post graduation residency or non-accredited second year residency.
    Students will have the opportunity to complete a teaching certificate as part of the practitioner educator course.
  pgrad_pubpriv: Private
  pgrad_qualify: 'Not Required'
  pgrad_quant: ''
  pgrad_recommended_overall_gpa_considered: '3.0'
  pgrad_semi: Varies
  pgrad_thesis: Required
  pgrad_toefl_req: TOEFL
  pgrad_unk_jb_plce: '0'
  pgrad_verbal: ''
  pg_last_year_average_gpa: '0'
  pg_last_year_number_accepted: '0'
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  program_location: KY
  program_name: 'Pharmacists Care Delivery and Systems Thinking'
    - Summer
  school_city: Louisville
  school_country: US
  school_state: KY
  school_street_1: '2100 Gardiner Lane'
  school_street_2: ''
  school_street_3: ''
  school_zip: '40205'
  short_name: 'Sullivan U-MS'
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