Applicant Responsibilities

In accordance with the ideals and principles of research professions, applicants to pharmacy graduate programs are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates responsibility, integrity, veracity, and good judgment. Pharmacy graduate programs seek to admit applicants who possess a high level of professionalism and professional potential.

Applicants will demonstrate responsibility by taking ownership of all aspects related to the application process.

Applicants will follow these guidelines:
  • Review the application procedures and admissions prerequisites of each designated PharmGrad program for which he/she plans to apply.
  • Use the PharmGrad Transcript Request Form to arrange for all official U.S. and English Canadian transcripts to be sent to PharmGrad by the application deadline of the program.
  • Provide all required information on the PharmGrad application accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Provide all required information on the supplemental applications (if required) accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Abide by all selected PharmGrad program-specific deadlines.
  • Provide the names and email addresses of your Evaluators and notify them they will be contacted by email for their letter and Recommendation Request Form.
  • Respond immediately to all notices and questions received from PharmGrad and each program to which they apply (applicants are responsible for checking their personal email, including any junk mail folders, and PharmGrad accounts for these important notices and questions).
  • Print a copy of the completed PharmGrad application upon submission.
  • Agree to submit the correct PharmGrad application fee.
  • Pay any additional program supplemental fees that may be required.
  • Check application status online by logging onto the PharmGrad web application.
  • Promptly update your PharmGrad application if there is any change in contact information.
  • Promptly notify all designated graduate programs of any change in contact information.
  • Contact programs directly regarding questions about admissions decisions, program-specific admissions criteria, or other program-specific information.
  • Respond promptly to programs, either to accept or decline interview invitations and offers of admission.
  • Respond promptly to all offers of admission. Once an applicant has accepted an offer, it is the applicant’s obligation to immediately notify and withdraw any outstanding applications or to decline offers of admission from other pharmacy graduate programs.
  • Log off the PharmGrad web application after the completion of each entry session to protect against unauthorized access of application information submitted to PharmGrad.
  • All pharmacy graduate programs subscribe to the ethics and moral code that characterize professionalism and assert that academic honesty is fundamental to the intellectual enterprise. Professional conduct and integrity, including academic honesty, is the expectation of all students and applicants. When a student applies for admission, the student agrees to these principles.

By submitting the PharmGrad application, you affirm that all the information contained in your application is factually correct and honestly presented. It is understood and agreed that any information an applicant provides that is dishonest or misrepresents the applicant will be shared with all pharmacy graduate programs. It is further understood that an applicant who misrepresents him/herself or otherwise acts unethically or dishonestly may be denied admission to all PharmGrad participating programs for the current and future application cycles.

All credential data, including the application form, letters of recommendation, transcripts in support of the application, photographs, and personal statements become property of PharmGrad and cannot be returned.