Transcript Entry

Your selected programs may have different requirements for transcript entry. For example, some programs may require that you enter only prerequisite coursework, and others might not require that you enter any coursework. To view each program's transcript requirements, do the following:

  • Log into the PharmGrad application
  • Select the graduate programs you wish to apply to.
  • Visit the Program Materials section of your application to review each program's prerequisite coursework requirements. Programs that require prerequisites will have a Prerequisites tab where you can view this information.

If Your Program Requires Transcript Entry for Prerequisites Only

  • Enter all colleges attended.
  • Go to the Transcript Entry (coursework) section.
  • Enter only the specific courses you have completed that match each program's prerequisite coursework requirements.
  • When you have finished entering your prerequisite coursework, return to the Program Materials section and visit each program's page to identify the courses that fulfill each program's requirements. 
  • To assign a prerequisite on the Prerequisites tab:
    • Click Assign Course.
    • Click the plus sign next to the course(s) that you believe fulfill the prerequisite. You can match multiple courses to one prerequisite, if applicable. 
    • Click Save and Exit.
    • PharmGrad will provide a standard set of GPAs to your selected program(s).

If Your Program Doesn't Require Transcript Entry

  • Do not enter any coursework and PharmGrad will not provide GPAs to the program(s) you select.

Additional Resources

Visit the PharmGrad Applicant Help Center for additional details on how to enter prerequisite courses that are in-progress, planned, or completed.

See also the Transcripts instructions.