Review information below on PharmGrad fees, payment methods, refund policies, and accompanying fee and payment details.


Payment Overview

The green status bar indicates your progress toward a completed application. Once you have entered all required items on the application, a blue “Pay and Submit this Program” button will appear. Once you have reviewed your application for accuracy and completion and have finalized your program selections, click this button to submit your application. PharmGrad cannot delete program selections after you submit your application. You can continue to add programs, although all application fees must be successfully processed before 11:59 pm Hawaii Time (HT) on the individual program’s deadline date in order to apply.

PharmGrad Application Fee

The PharmGrad application fee is $50 for each program you apply to. Your application will not be processed until your payment is received. 

Payment and Refund Policies

Payment Methods

PharmGrad Accepts the Following Payment Methods:

  •     VISA credit cards
  •     VISA debit cards
  •     MasterCard credit cards
  •     MasterCard debit cards
  •     American Express
  •     Discover

PharmGrad Will Not Accept the Following Payment Methods:

  •     Bank debit cards (no VISA or MasterCard logo)
  •     Money orders
  •     Cashier’s checks
  •     Personal checks
  •     Cash
  •     Payments made over the phone

Refund Policy

PharmGrad application fees are non-refundable. PharmGrad does not issue refunds for withdrawn applications or missed deadlines. Before submitting your application, you are prompted to review and agree to a Release Statement and Applicant Code of Conduct. These documents include the no refund policy and describe applicant responsibilities throughout the application process.

Credit Card Payment Disputes

Applicants who issue a dispute through their credit card company to reverse a payment, known as a chargeback, that are not authorized by PharmGrad will receive a bad-payment notification, and the application will be removed from consideration from all programs. Applicants will be given 10 business days to mail a money order payment for the full application fee, plus a $25 bank processing charge to reinstate their application. If PharmGrad does not receive payment within the allotted time frame, the application will remain blocked, and all programs to which the applicant applied will be notified of nonpayment. If the application cycle ends with an application in a bad-payment status, the applicant will be barred from creating future PharmGrad accounts until all fees owed to PharmGrad from previous cycles are paid in full.

Card Holder Authorization

If you use the credit card of a parent or guardian to pay application fees, communicate with the card’s owner and ensure he or she is fully aware of all charges in advance. If a cardholder disputes a charge, your application will encounter delays, holds, and additional fees, even if the cardholder reverses the dispute. 

Repeat Applicants with Balance Due

Repeat applicants with outstanding fee balances will be placed on HOLD until payment for the previous and current cycles are received in full.

Supplemental Application Fees

Do NOT send to PharmGrad. In addition to the PharmGrad application fee, graduate programs may require you to send a supplemental fee directly to the program. The supplemental application fee deadline may be the same as the PharmGrad deadline, or at a later date. Contact the program directly to obtain supplemental application fee instructions.