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  active: 'Yes'
  additional_job_placements_info: ''
  admin_status: Published
  application_deadline_description: 'The biomedical sciences master''s program operates on a rolling admissions basis. The application closes in August but an early application is highly recommended. The application generally opens in early September. '
  banner_image: 'PCOM graduate programs.jpg'
    - 'Yes'
  cbc_grad_radio: 'We are not a participating PharmGrad program'
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    - contact_email:
      contact_extension: ''
      contact_name: 'Mitchel Kabia-Williams'
      contact_office: 'Office of Admissions'
      contact_title: 'Executive Director of Admissions'
      contact_work: '6782257531'
    - 'Yes'
    - ''
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  credits_required_for_degree: '53'
    - 'Biomedical Research (thesis)'
    - 'Forensic Biology'
    - 'General Studies Capstone'
  deadline_date: '2024-08-02'
    - 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
  degree_requiremnts_add_info: |
    The foundation year of the Biomedical Sciences program focuses on developing biomedical sciences and professional skills base while providing the opportunity to demonstrate professional and academic potential by improving and confirming academic credentials.
    Students enter as MS in Biomedical Sciences degree candidates and, upon completion of the first year of study, may progress to one of the several second-year degree concentrations or elect to receive a Certificate of Graduate Studies.
  degree_type: M.S.
  delivery_method: 'On Campus'
  drug_grad_radio: 'We are not a participating PharmGrad program'
    - 'Yes'
  focus_additional_degree_information: |
    Upon completion of the foundation year of the Biomedical Sciences program, the student will be able to:
    demonstrate an advanced understanding of important fundamental concepts of the biomedical sciences (i.e., structure and function of cells and organ systems, etc.).
    communicate scientific information in written and oral forms.
    apply information skills to access, synthesize and interpret medical literature.
    utilize technology to acquire information and solve problems in health sciences.
    - 'Yes'
  gre_required: ''
    - 'Yes'
  institution_name: 'Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine - Georgia'
  international: ''
    - 'Yes'
    format: link_only
    value: ''
  minimum_financial_support: N/A
  notify_title: 'Biomedical Sciences (MS)'
  old_id: '2735'
    - 'Yes'
  pgrad_aca_jb_plce: ''
  pgrad_accepting_apps: 'Yes'
  pgrad_analytic: ''
  pgrad_app_fee: $0
  pgrad_avg_yrs_grad: ''
    - 'PCOM '
    - 'PCOM South Georgia'
  pgrad_fic_other_info: |
    At Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, we are committed to making our education affordable for students. 
    For more information, please visit:
  pgrad_fic_support: '0'
  pgrad_gov_jb_plce: ''
  pgrad_gps_est: '46'
  pgrad_gre_desc: |
    Submit official reports of one of the following standardized test scores: GRE, PCAT, DAT, OAT, or MCAT. This requirement will be automatically waived for applicants with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher on their bachelor's degree granting transcript.
    GRE institutional codes
    The PCOM GRE institutional code is 2662.
    The PCOM Georgia GRE institutional code is 4281.
    The PCOM South Georgia GRE institutional code is 4281.
  pgrad_gre_oldest: ''
  pgrad_gre_req: 'No'
  pgrad_ind_jb_plce: ''
  pgrad_lof_acc: |
    One letter of recommendation from individuals who know the applicant in a professional capacity and can comment on one's character, work ethic, academic history, scientific acumen, empathy, compassion, resilience, emotional intelligence and commitment.
    Admissions prefers letters from the following sources:
    A pre-health or academic advisor/committee (undergraduate, post-baccalaureate or graduate programs)
    Undergraduate, graduate or post-baccalaureate faculty 
  pgrad_lor_acc: '1'
  pgrad_lor_req: 'Yes'
  pgrad_other_qualifying_exams_or_certifications: 'Not Required'
  pgrad_oth_cred: 'All applicants must complete a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university either online or on a college campus.'
  pgrad_oth_jb_plce: ''
  pgrad_oth_tests: |
    GRE - 5 years from matriculation date 
    PCAT - 5 years from matriculation date 
    DAT - 2 years from matriculation date
    OAT - 2 years from matriculation date
    MCAT - 3 years from matriculation date 
  pgrad_ovrl_gpa_cons: '3.0'
  pgrad_participation: 'No'
  pgrad_prog_desc: 'The MS in Biomedical Sciences program represents a broad content base in the basic biomedical sciences with a strong emphasis on human medicine and clinical applications of the material. Foundation courses provide a unique interdisciplinary background in biomedical sciences that may be applied in business, management or teaching careers, or as preparation for professional school. A certificate of graduate study is awarded for successful completion of all foundation (first year) courses and laboratory objectives. The degree tracks build upon the foundation courses and can be completed in one of several concentrations. Students at our Moultrie, Georgia location have the opportunity, upon meeting academic success criteria and completing foundational coursework, to complete an accelerated master''s program.'
  pgrad_pubpriv: Private
  pgrad_qualify: 'Not Required'
  pgrad_quant: ''
  pgrad_recommended_overall_gpa_considered: '3.0'
  pgrad_semi: Required
  pgrad_thesis: Varies
  pgrad_toefl_req: TOEFL
  pgrad_unk_jb_plce: ''
  pgrad_verbal: ''
  pg_last_year_average_gpa: '3.08'
  pg_last_year_number_accepted: '46'
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    - 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
  program_location: GA
  program_name: 'Biomedical Sciences'
    - Fall
  program_statistics_graduated: 'Yes'
  program_statistics_previous: 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
  school_city: Suwanee
  school_country: US
  school_state: GA
  school_street_1: '625 Old Peachtree Road NW'
  school_street_2: ''
  school_street_3: ''
  school_zip: '30024'
  short_name: PCOM-Georgia
  sids: '246'