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Institution Name University of Florida
Program Name Forensic Science
Degree Type M.S.
Short Name U of Florida-318
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Address 1 2046 NE Waldo Rd, Rm 2200
Address 2
Address 3
City Gainesville
State Florida
Zip/Postal Code 32609
Country United States
Program Location: Distance Pathway/Online
Admissions Office Contact(s):
Institutional Website:
Contact Information Video:
What is your application deadline for the upcoming academic year? July 26, 2021
Is your program participating in PharmGrad? No
Link to Application
Application Fee: $30
Application Deadline Description: The program admits students every fall, spring and summer term. Specific deadlines for each term can be found here:
Program Description A master’s degree in forensic science prepares students for careers in places such as DNA labs, medical examiner offices, law enforcement agencies, and clinical chemistry laboratories. Entirely online, our program is designed to meet the needs of today’s working professionals. The field of forensic science continues to grow and requires professionals with higher education. To meet the demands of the industry and to provide options for varying interests, we offer four areas to specialize your master’s degree.

The program offers four master's degree concentrations as well as four graduate certificates:

MS In Forensic Science
MS in Forensic DNA & Serology
MS in Forensic Toxicology
MS in Forensic Drug Chemistry
Graduate Certificate Forensic Death Investigation
Graduate Certificate Forensic DNA & Serology
Graduate Certificate Forensic Drug Chemistry
Graduate Certificate Forensic Toxicology

As a working professional, the program provides flexibility to work within busy schedules at your own pace. Completing a master’s degree in forensic science online is a fast and convenient way to pursue your educational and career goals. At UF, each course is made up of specific topic modules, supplemented with tools such as images, animations, case studies, and step-by-step instructions for gearing up and accessing UF library materials and e-journals. Students interact with teaching assistants, course instructors, and each other, using private course email, discussion boards, and live chat sessions.
Program Description Video:
Is your institution public or private? Public
Is your program accepting applications for this program? Yes
Program Start Term: Fall, Spring, Summer
Satellite/Branch campuses:
Credits Required for Degree: 32
Required Rotations: Not Required
Seminars: Not Required
College-based Qualifying/Comprehensive Exam: Required
Other Qualifying Exams or Certifications: Not Required
Thesis/Dissertation: Not Required
Additional Information about Degree Requirements:
Delivery Method Distance Pathway/Online
Curricular Focus or Concentration:
  • Forensic Science
  • Forensic DNA & Serology
  • Forensic Drug Chemistry
  • Forensic Toxicology
Area(s) of Study: Biochemistry, Biological Science, Chemical Science, Drug Metabolism, Forensic Science, Medicinal Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacology, Toxicology
Enter any additional degree information regarding your curricular focus or concentration and/or area(s) of study: Forensic Toxicology is a a joint degree program offered by the College of Veterinary Medicine.
Last academic year-number of accepted students for your program: 132
United States 130
International 2
Last academic year-average overall GPA of the accepted students:
Academia 0
Industry 0
Government 0
Other 0
Unknown 100
Last 5 academic years-estimated average years of study to graduation: 2.5
Is the GRE required? No
Verbal Reasoning:
Quantitative Reasoning:
Analytical Writing:
Enter any additional information regarding the GRE:
Are any of the following tests required for international applicants? TOEFL or IELTS
Other tests or credentials:
Are letters of recommendations required by your program? No
Enter any additional information regarding recommendations:
Minimum overall GPA considered: 3.0
Recommended overall GPA considered: 3.0
Enter any additional information regarding application or admission requirements: Detailed application instructions can be found here:
I would like to mark this section as done. Yes
Percentage of students receiving financial support: 0
Type of financial support available: None
Enter any additional information regarding financial support:
Is your institution participating in the PharmGrad-facilitated Criminal Background Check (CBC) Service? We are not a participating PharmGrad program
Is your institution participating in the PharmGrad-facilitated Drug Screening Service? We are not a participating PharmGrad program
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