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Contact Information
Banner Image:: department of pharmsci.png
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Institution Address:
Address 1: 140 Fenway
Address 2: {Empty}
Address 3: {Empty}
City: Boston
State: Massachusetts
Zip/Postal Code: 02115
Country: United States

Program Location:: Massachusetts
Admissions Office Contact(s)::
- Email:

Institutional Website::

Contact Information Video::

Program Application Deadline
What is your application deadline for the upcoming academic year?: June 01, 2021
Is your program participating in PharmGrad?: No
Link to Application:

Application Fee:: $75.00
Application Deadline Description::

Program Description
Program Description:
The medicinal chemistry MS program integrates aspects of contemporary medicinal chemistry and pharmacology, emphasizing topics most relevant to therapeutics design, discovery, and action. The core curriculum focuses on a combination of synthetic organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and pharmacology courses. Specialized, in-depth electives are offered in these areas. The program is designed to develop students’ knowledge of medicinal chemistry through design, synthesis, and pharmacological profiling of novel pharmacotherapeutics as applied to helping solve unmet medical needs. For this purpose, many program graduates have established research careers in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry. Undergraduate prerequisites are general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry or cell/molecular biology.

Program Description Video::

Institution Information
Is your institution public or private?: Private
Is your program accepting applications for this program?: Yes
Program Start Term:: Fall
Satellite/Branch campuses::

Degree Requirements
Credits Required for Degree: : 33
Required Rotations:: Not Required
Seminars:: Not Required
College-based Qualifying/Comprehensive Exam:: Not Required
Other Qualifying Exams or Certifications:: Not Required
Thesis/Dissertation:: Not Required
Additional Information about Degree Requirements::
Please see the course catalog for current curriculum:

Degree Information
Delivery Method: On Campus
Curricular Focus or Concentration::

Area(s) of Study:: Drug Discovery, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy
Enter any additional degree information regarding your curricular focus or concentration and/or area(s) of study::

Program Statistics
Last academic year-number of accepted students for your program:: 3
Last academic year-country of origin of the accepted students:
United States: 1
International: 2

Last academic year-average overall GPA of the accepted students:: {Empty}
Last academic year-graduates job placement:
Academia: 0
Industry: 0
Government: 0
Other: 0
Unknown: 5

Last 5 academic years-estimated average years of study to graduation:: 2

GRE and Other Tests
GRE Section
 Is the GRE required?: No

Enter any additional information regarding the GRE: :
We recommend MS applicants take the GRE, however it is not required. 

If the GRE is taken and applied to the application, we required the GRE test must be taken within the last five years. Specialty subject GRE’s are not required. (Suggested score: 305 — A minimum score of 150 Verbal Reasoning and 150 Quantitative Reasoning is preferred).

Are any of the following tests required for international applicants?: TOEFL or IELTS
Other tests or credentials::
A high score in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) for students whose native language is not English, or whose baccalaureate education was at an institution where English was not the language of instruction. For TOEFL suggested score of 100 internet with 22 spoken. The written or computer-based exam is no longer accepted. Suggested score for IELTS is a minimum of 7.5.

Letters of Recommendation
Letters of Recommendation:
Are letters of recommendations required by your program?: Yes
 If yes, how many letters of recommendation are required?: 3

Enter any additional information regarding recommendations: :

Other Admission Requirements
Minimum overall GPA considered:: 3
Recommended overall GPA considered:: 3
Enter any additional information regarding application or admission requirements: :
A minimum (undergraduate) grade-point average (GPA) of 3.00 or better

A baccalaureate degree or its equivalent in biology, chemistry, medical technology, pharmacy, chemical engineering or a related field.
At least two semesters undergraduate courses (or their equivalent) in each of the following: mathematics (including calculus), biology, physics, biochemistry, and organic chemistry.

Applicants who have degree coursework from institutions outside of the United States must submit a credential evaluation. We require the iCAP WES package that evaluates your transcripts course by course. Transcript evaluations will allow our reviewers to better understand the educational system in which you studied. We will not review international applicants without the transcript evaluation.

International applicants are also required to submit the official transcript or a scanned version of the official transcript as part of their application

I would like to mark this section as done.: Yes

Financial Support
Percentage of students receiving financial support:: 0
Type of financial support available:: None
Enter any additional information regarding financial support: :

Background Checks and Drug Screenings
Is your institution participating in the PharmGrad-facilitated Criminal Background Check (CBC) Service?: We are not a participating PharmGrad program
Is your institution participating in the PharmGrad-facilitated Drug Screening Service?: We are not a participating PharmGrad program