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Contact Information

Campbell University
College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
PO Box 1090
Fuquay Varina
North Carolina
United States
North Carolina

Program Application Deadline

July 15, 2021
Domestic applicants are encouraged to submit their completed SOPHAS application and supplemental application by July 15 for fall admission.

International applicants seeking a visa must submit the completed SOPHAS application, supplemental application, and all supporting documents by April 1 for fall admission.

Program Description

The Master of Science in Public Health degree provides students with a solid foundation in health care research and outcomes evaluation. The program focuses on the promotion of health and prevention of disease, rural health care research, community outreach and service learning opportunities.

The Department of Public Health at Campbell University fosters the partnership of rigorous scientific knowledge and local expertise in order to further the right of all people to lead healthy lives, to eliminate health inequities and injustice, to involve rural communities in the advancement of their own health, and to develop public health practitioners who serve their communities with professionalism, resolve, and cultural humility.

Institution Information

Fall, Spring

Degree Requirements

Not Required
Not Required
Not Required
Applicants from all academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Students have experience from a wide variety of professions including medicine, military, athletic training, psychology, healthcare communications, and more.
Admission requirements include 1) a bachelors degree from an accredited institution, and 2) a recommended GPA of 3.0.
An interview with department faculty or staff will be granted to applicants deemed eligible for admission upon review of the completed application.

Degree Information

On Campus
Education, Epidemiology, Health Outcomes, Health Policy, Health Services, Human Population, Infectious Disease, Occupational Health, Patient Safety, Public Health, Social Science
The master’s in public health is a two-year, full-time program focusing on addressing rural health disparities through engaging local communities in programming and policy development.

The program centers the curriculum in community-based application. Students are required to complete community-based practicum experiences from the first semester. The second year of the MSPH program is dedicated to research projects and elective courses.

Program Statistics

Last academic year-country of origin of the accepted students:
Last academic year-graduates job placement:

GRE and Other Tests


Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are required through the SOPHAS application portal. Former professors, work supervisors, and service work coordinators are great sources of recommendation letters.

Other Admission Requirements


Financial Support

Department or University Scholarship, Other
Current and accepted professional and graduate students are eligible to apply for annual and/or endowed scholarships through the College’s scholarship competition each year during the end of the spring semester. Students must apply every academic year. The College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences selects scholarship recipients from this application, unless a separate application is required. The application typically opens in March of the spring semester and closes the end of May.

Background Checks and Drug Screenings

We are not a participating PharmGrad program
We are not a participating PharmGrad program